Two months to go until Siduri’s release on 28-May-24.

When has all the time gone? I never thought that publishing a book would take so much effort. Still, the paperback now has an approved cover and the text has been, copy-edited, proofread and typeset. The only thing left for the paperback is to now print it … oh, and sell it. Strangely, the typesetting was the most traumatic. There was a fair bit of interaction with the publisher about that. Hopefully, people will like the result. The cover also caused a few problems. Ultimately, we went with one I created myself using my vast graphical design skills (otherwise known as Leonardo AI). Again, hopefully, people like it.

The next step in the process is the ebook. Hopefully, the conversion of the typeset should be straightforward and I won’t have to get involved … much.

The ebook will be available for pre-order from all the usual sites and both the ebook and paperback will be available worldwide.

I’ve also spent (far too much) effort on the website. There are now more pics, desktop wallpaper and even a video (first attempt – be nice).